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Congregational Meeting Update

21301-DPC-2015-A - 3D View - 3D View 3On Sunday, January 31, the BEAR team and architects Lemay, Erickson, Willcox updated the congregation on the progress of the project and presented a well-received “fly-through” of the new construction in the areas of the narthex and sanctuary.  The architects have completed the design development documents and they are currently in the hands of the recently selected contractor, Whitener & Jackson.  Whitener & Jackson (WJ) is one of the most experienced Church builders in this region.  WJ is working with the drawings and securing bids from subcontractors this month.  By later in February, we will have a solid idea of the overall cost of this Phase 1 of the project.

You can view the fly-through that was presented at the meeting below.

Video Credit: Lemay, Erickson, Willcox.

This is a very basic view of the construction.  The video will take you in the front doors of the new narthex.  Notice the windows and courtyard on the right providing excellent views of the Church and stained glass windows.  21301-DPC-2015-A - 3D View - 3D View 6From there, you will enter the new gathering area (think: Parlor).  Imagine the indoor and outdoor gathering that can take place in this area with access to the front.  21301-DPC-2015-A - 3D View - 3D View 4A video screen will be housed here for service overflow and other uses.  Next, exit the gathering area and go back to the lower narthex, and then up the stairs to the upper narthex.  In the upper narthex, you will have a wonderful view south into the cemetery, and again, north to the stained glass windows.  21301-DPC-2015-A - 3D View - 3D View 5You will enter the sanctuary from the upper narthex and proceed to “walk around” the new and original spaces.  21301-DPC-2015-A - 3D View - 3D View 7Notice how well the new areas marry with the old.  As much as is possible, the new construction will continue the basic, conservative feel of the original building, but also provide for additional room in both the chancel and seating areas.

21301-DPC-2015-A - 3D View - 3D View 921301-DPC-2015-A - 3D View - 3D View 8

Every aspect of the project has been designed with accessibility in mind.  An elevator is located near the steps to the upper narthex and provides access to the basement as well as up to the sanctuary level.  New, accessible bathrooms area also planned in the new narthex, as well as a warming kitchen for coffee hour use.  As always, please contact any member of BEAR if you should have any questions!


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