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BEAR Q&A Distributed

Hello All!

Attached you will please find further details concerning the work of the BEAR Committee. The same information can be found at the following link: http://www.darnestownpc.org/filerequest/1788.docx

Please note that it was only recently that the potential need for a mortgage came to the BEAR Committee’s attention. After taking time to consider this news, Session then asked me to be in touch with the Congregation – which I did the week before Palm Sunday. Session’s goal was (and remains) to make all of our Congregation aware of all that it knows and is considering. The attachment is sent to you for this purpose.

Questions, comments and ideas are more than welcome! If you’d like to respond formally, you may email the church (dpchurch@comcast.net), and we’ll forward your responses on to Session for consideration. Or you may wish to be in touch with an Elder personally (current Board members are listed below). 

No decision concerning a mortgage has yet been made by Session. If Session does chose to enter into a mortgage, this decision must then be approved by vote at a properly called Meeting of the Congregation of DPC.

So for now, we consider together.

May our Lord guide and bless us!


Session members:
Cheryl Amick, Kelvin Choi, Frank Cornelius, Ben Daughtry, Rick Dottermusch, Dave Durham, Roland Frenck, Meade Gelston, Sue Gordon, K. Kenry, Jim Hoffman, Neil Jenkins, Kathy Kurkjian, Jess Neri, and Jan Summers.


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