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Update Message from Session

Members and Friends of DPC,

A number of you have inquired recently about the status of the capital campaign and the need to fulfill campaign pledges. We write to ask that all donors continue to fulfill their pledges – for both the campaign as well as 2016 annual pledges.

While we held off from voting on the funding of the building expansion project in May of this year, this did not mean that we decided not to pursue the project. We simply elected to take additional time to complete the architectural drawings and finalize a detailed cost estimate so that we could have greater certainty of the total cost and financing that would be needed for the project. The BEAR committee is making progress in this endeavor and is preparing to share their findings with all of us in the early part of next year.

In the meantime, our aging facilities continue to have serious needs that we will have to address. So rest assured, your donations will be put to good use to address these needs. So please continue to fulfill your pledges to the campaign as well as for 2016 annual pledges. For those that have additional means, please consider making a pledge or increasing your existing pledge by contacting dpcadmin@comcast.net or jemskr@comcast.net.


The Session of Darnestown Presbyterian Church


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