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Exciting BEAR News!

At its planning meeting in September, Session set a target date for commencement of the campus construction of June 1, 2018.  The church received an additional pledge that puts the project within reach, but important and difficult work remains to be completed.  The permit process for the construction is nearly complete.  The BEAR Team met with the builder and architect last week, and talked through remaining details.  The builder will seek firm bids from subcontractors about April 1, in order to ensure reliable bids for a June 1 start.  Market uncertainties make it almost impossible to obtain reliable bids more than 60 days out from a construction start.

Meanwhile, the BEAR team and Session have set forth a list of tasks to be completed and are working on assigning responsibility and oversight.  These include, among others, securing a long term lease with Georgetown Hill and planning for the accomplishment of our mission and ministries during the time of construction.  In addition, the Stewardship Committee and Session are working on a new ten year financial projection that will be the basis for further discussions with the Congregation and the Presbytery regarding financing the project.  Session is planning a second capital campaign for after the first of the year, and is also planning a process to clarify our mission and ministry priorities which you will learn more about in the coming weeks.  The results of this work will further inform both the ten year financial plan, and the use of our new, flexible space.

Over the summer, the BEAR architects completed two new artistic renderings of the space which you can view below and on the BEAR bulletin board outside the bathrooms in the Andrew Small Building.  One view is inside the sanctuary and the other is outside looking toward the new gathering area.  We are excited about these views because it can be hard to understand construction simply through floor plans.

Session and the BEAR team will be working together to bring more details to the Congregation on all of the above in the coming weeks.  We understand that this project has taken a long time, and that many details have been forgotten.  As the project is so much closer to reality now, we want to take more time to bring everyone back up to speed and get all questions answered.  You will hear more about this very soon.  Thank you for your continued support, encouragement and prayers as we work hard to lay this exciting new foundation for mission and ministry for many generations to come at DPC.081817_DPC Rendering_Ext

081817_DPC Rendering_Sanct Exp




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