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June 17 – Congregation Vote for Loan

Dear Friends,

I am excited to report that the Session voted unanimously last evening to recommend that the Congregation vote in favor of a construction loan necessary to build the BEAR project (with 12 of 15 members present at the meeting). That congregational vote will take place this Sunday after the 9:30 a.m. service. Remember, we return to one service this Sunday!  

The congregation handout includes an outline of the project costs, the ten year financial plan that supports the loan, plan assumptions, as well as a monthly financial summary that Session thought would help everyone understand the monthly expenses to run the church factoring in the monthly mortgage payment.  If you want to see more details behind the summary, please see Ten Year Plan for Loan

Members must be present to vote. However, if you cannot be present, you can still live stream and watch the proceedings at the following YouTube link:


All members of the church who are present are entitled to vote, including teens and young adults who have been confirmed at DPC and have not transferred to another church. A majority vote of members who are present is required to pass the motion. Our Book of Order sets a quorum at ten percent of the members on the roll. Robert’s Rules guide us to use a voice vote for motions other than election of officers, unless a voice vote is not clearly decisive, or if a motion for a vote by ballot is passed. Ballots are prepared.

The motion to be placed before the membership is as follows: 


Move to approve a construction loan not to exceed $2.3M, of which $800,000 is the construction bridge loan and $1.5M is the remaining mortgage, on terms to be negotiated by Session representatives.  

I hope you will make every effort to attend this most important meeting of the Congregation.  

In Christ,  

Neill S. Morgan, Pastor


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