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Historic Commission Submission

DPC COVERThe BEAR committee will be meeting with the Montgomery County Historic Commission for the third time on February 24, 2016 to finalize several issues.  The attached file is the application provided to the Commission in advance of the meeting.  The file provides an excellent overview of the project addressing numerous details required by the Commission, as well as exterior images.  A second file includes drawings of the civil engineering work necessary on our site.  Hopefully this will be our last presentation to the Commission in an effort secure a HAWP – an Historic Area Work Permit – for the project.

November 2015 Newsletter BEAR Update

We’re happy to report that the Building Expansion and Renovation (BEAR) effort is making steady progress on multiple fronts:
Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).
BEAR members and our architectural and legal reps presented revised architectural plans to the HPC in a second preliminaryconsultation in August. The Commission was very laudatory of our revisions, and left little doubt that they would approve a variation of these plans after further minor adjustments.
Architectural planning.
As noted, we have made significant progress towards final architectural plans. Current plans incorporate an expanded chancel, additional sanctuary seating, new bathrooms adjacent to the sanctuary, dedicated Narthex and Gathering spaces for enhanced fellowship, connection of the Andrew Small Building to the sanctuary, and full handicapped access and enhanced life safety systems.
Selection of a General Contractor (GC).
The Committee is now meeting and screening GCs as potential partners for the construction phase of the project, focusing on each firm’s history, reliability, cost effectiveness and experience with similar projects. We anticipate selection of contractor by the beginning of 2016, and ultimate groundbreaking in the Spring of 2017.
BEAR Capital Campaign.
We have now received nearly $2.5M in pledges in support of BEAR. These pledges, plus $1.3M in Session approved funding now provide for over 90% of the estimated cost to execute the Phase One plan described above. Many thanks to those donors who increased their pledges by 20% to help bridge the funding gap! Capital Campaign reps remain available to discuss your pledge today.
May God continue to bless and guide our efforts to provide for future generations at our beloved church

Second Review with Historic Commission

Old Church SketchOn the evening of August 12, the BEAR team met with the Historic Preservation Commission for its second preliminary review.  The Commission responded quite favorably to the changes that were been made in response to the comments received from the Commission in the first preliminary review.  The Commission concluded that we are ready to formally submit an application for an Historic Area Work Permit (HAWP).  The drawings reviewed with the Commission and the cover transmittal letter do a good job outlining what was covered at the meeting.  The transcript from the meeting is also available for review.

Capital Campaign News

DPC Capital Campaign KickoffAs the active portion of our campaign draws to a close, we are proud to announce that, thanks to the generosity of our members, we have raised more than $2 million for renovations to the church and building for the future! We still have pledges coming in and will continue to accept new pledges, so we expect this number to grow – stay tuned! After services on June 21, the BEAR Committee and Capital Campaign Committee will give an overview of the renovation budget and plans as we move forward.

We sincerely thank everyone who has pledged during the campaign, as well as all of the volunteers who made this campaign possible.

Session Sets Preliminary Project Budget

Last evening, Session reviewed the recommendations of a joint meeting of BEAR and the Stewardship Committee relative to preliminary project budget.  It is expected that the Capital Campaign will raise about $2.3M.  To establish a project budget of $3.5M, Session voted to draw $900,000 from the Investment Fund and to “borrow” from ourselves an additional $400,000 from the Knighten and Cemetery Funds.  This is intended to cover only Phase One of the project which focuses on the expanded sanctuary and a new narthex.  Work will continue to determine if the Phase One of the project can be completed within that budget.

Capital Campaign News

cc logoThe Capital Campaign is moving forward! We’ve raised close to $2 million to help us build for the future. As the campaign visitors continue to meet with members, we encourage everyone to give this campaign prayerful, thoughtful consideration and support.  The booklet that visitors have been using to discuss the Capital Campaign is attached.  it provides useful background to the project, as well as current drawings.

BEAR Project Reflections – from the Capital Campaign Team

daleAs we continue on our Capital Campaign journey, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on why we’ve launched this plan to build for the future. Amid the figures, visits, pledges, sketches, and goals, it’s important to remember what all the fuss is about. It’s about spreading God’s word and Jesus’ love. It’s about having a positive impact on the community around us. And it’s about ensuring that our church not only exists, but thrives, for generations to come.

When visitors come to talk to you about the campaign, please be assured that it will be a pleasant experience. It’s a great opportunity to look backward and learn more about our history, and to look forward to envision together our hopes and dreams. And while conversations about money can be uncomfortable, visitors understand that the details are to be worked out between each individual family and God. We will move forward together with our plans for the future, with God’s guidance and in accordance with His will, and we hope for cheerful givers and receivers as we do so.

More than 60 years ago, the members of DPC took it upon themselves to build the chancel so they could welcome more people to worship with them. And nearly 50 years ago, the Andrew Small Building was added, so more people could join in Christian education and fellowship. Now it’s our turn; we have a wonderful opportunity to not only reach out to the community around us to share God’s love, but also to ensure that for the generations to come, our church remains its members’ heart and home. We encourage you to give this campaign your prayerful, thoughtful consideration.